CAMCo Furnace is a leading manufacturer of hydrogen coldwall brazing furnaces with inert/reducing and high vacuum atmospheres.

CAMCo Furnace offers a full range of high-quality production: high temperature furnaces, vacuum furnaces and hydrogen furnaces for use in heat treating and brazing applications. We manufacture automatic, batch type, reducing atmosphere furnaces, coldwall vacuum furnaces and turnkey, high vacuum systems.

All our systems are designed for maximum efficiency and dependability, and are backed by our team of professional customer support specialists. Since 1984, CAMCo Furnace engineering specialists have sought to provide complete solutions to customer needs in a wide variety of application fields.



Since 1958, Hilton International Industries, Inc., has enjoyed a pre-eminence for leadership in the winding machine industry while preserving a constant awareness of our responsibilities to the companies that we are proud to serve. These years of manufacturing the highest quality products while maintaining a responsiveness and flexibility to our customers have earned us our position as the World Leader. We take great pride in the reliability and efficiency of our products along with providing the ultimate in service to our customers around the world. The continuing research and the development of ideas for improving winding technology has created for Hilton the distinction of unsurpassed credibility. Consistent employment of sophisticated, state of the art technology in our machines ensures that our customers reduce costs, increase manufacturing efficiency and improve the quality of their own products. For over forty years, Hilton has specialized in the design and production of Capacitor Winding Machines yet, while many advances in technology and electronics have been incorporated into our products, Hilton winding machines are still designed to be simple to operate, highly functional and easily maintained. Hilton's high standards mandate extreme control of quality and prompt servicing of replacement parts. To ensure continuation of these high standards, all Hilton products are designed and built from their inception through final testing and acceptance in our own plant in Sarasota, Florida.

Тoday, Hilton is an employee owned company and that pride of ownership is reflected in the quality of the products that we offer. Customer Service is of paramount importance and delivering the highest quality product to our customers is our only goal. The ongoing commitment to evaluate and apply the latest technological developments, coupled with high quality craftsmanship and field experience of our staff, qualifies Hilton International Industries to meet the individual needs of each and every customer. It is for these reasons that Hilton has earned its reputation as The World Leader in the capacitor winding machinery field.


NEXTROM is a premium global supplier of turn-key manufacturing solutions & services for optical fibers & fiber optic cables.
Nextrom's most advanced production equipment is based on the key expertise.

  • Fabrication of High Purity Optical Glass
  • Drawing and Proof testing of Optical Fibers
  • Application of UV-Curable Acrylates on Fibers
  • Knowledge of Process, Extrusion, SZ-Stranding which are specific to Optical Cables

Our in depth focus on fiber optics since 30 years, and the worldwide large installed base of close to 2.000 lines make us a strong, competent and reliable partner in the industry.

Nextrom is the leading supplier of Manufacturing technologies for the Fiber Optics industry.

Nextrom offers a comprehensive range of solutions for Preforms, Fibers, Specialty Fibers, Coating fibers with UV curable materials and Cabling of fibers.

Nextrom is part of the KNILL Gruppe and offers together with Rosendahl, solutions for Fiber Optic Cable manufacturing.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us by email: