Capacitors manufacturing

TerraLink LME presents Hilton's Optima, Excell and Vantage Capacitor Winding Machines and DryKap High Voltage Testers which are unparalleled for performance, accuracy and quality by any other machine manufacturer in the world.

Standard and optional features of Hilton Capacitor Winding Machines

  • State-of-the-art electronics with touch panel programming and memory storage for all your capacitor designs.
  • Closed loop tension control on every spindle utilizing computer monitored servo motors for speed and accuracy.
  • Dual, self threading, retractable winding arbors with strippers and adapters for fast product changovers.
  • Electronic, linear measuring and speed matching of foils and dielectrics for superior accuracy and repeatability.
  • High speed, high efficiency foil end folding and edge folding with electronic sensing of edge fold loss detection.
  • Simple, fast loading of foils and dielectrics for increased operator efficiency and higher productivity. Automatic tab insertion.
  • Accurate placement of up to 16 pairs of Hilton style tinned copper or nickel tabs.
  • Technical assistance from Hilton technicians for installation of machines and training of customer personell.

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